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Casey’s blog, 23 December 2009


Casey’s blog, 23 December 2009

I can’t tell you how excited I am about the Australian Open. It’s been a really tough year for me, with all the problems I had with my shoulder and then a few little niggles with my foot. It’s great to be able to say that I’m fully fit and it’s definitely a different feeling going into your home grand slam knowing that you earned the right to be there by winning the wildcard play-off.

In worked hard to get myself back out there playing again after my shoulder surgery and when you have weeks like I did during the December Showdown it kind of makes it all worth it. Up until this year I had been pretty lucky with injuries and not being able to play was hard to deal with. There were definitely some rough times during the rehab process. I never doubted the fact that I was going to get back, but I was just never sure how long it was going to take. Then to get the shoulder right and have a problem with my foot was really frustrating. The feeling of being back out there, competing and winning matches is pretty sweet after all that.

Now I think all that time off can be a bit of an advantage because unlike most other players I’m feeling very fresh and I can’t wait to get onto the practice and the match court. Normally at this time of year, I’d be desperate for a break over Christmas after a long year on the road but this time I’ll just have Christmas Day itself off and I’ll be right back out there hitting on Boxing Day. I feel like I’ve had more than enough time on the sidelines and now I’m just so stoked to be back out there on court.

I think that showed during the wildcard play-off, because I managed to play some really good tennis, particularly when I was down. I saved match-points in the final against Olivia Rogowska, one of the most talented young players out there, and to be honest I’m kind of still wondering how I did it. I just had to hang in there and hope that she’d get a bit nervous and start making some errors and fortunately she did that. Even though my approach for the whole week was about getting matches rather than results, I never go out there to lose.

The approach will be the same at the Australian Open, whoever I play in the first round. I don’t worry too much about draws because it’s totally out of my hands who I’ll play. It might be Serena Williams or it might be a qualifier and it’s one of the things that you can’t control. The feeling of being back out there in front of the Australian Open crowd again is going to be fantastic and that’s the only thing I’m thinking about right now. I won’t be putting too much expectation on myself that’s for sure but, like always, I’ll be trying my hardest to win.

Christmas will be a lot of training back in Sydney, and then a couple of days in Perth with my family before my 2010 season starts. I’m not sure which events I’ll play in the lead-up but whatever happens I feel like January could really set up for the rest of the season, especially if I can do well. People keep asking me what I want for Christmas but all I’ve wanted all year is to be back playing and healthy again and to be able to play at the Australian Open. I won’t need too much else from Santa this year!

Happy Christmas to everyone. I can’t wait to see you all again in January.

Casey x

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