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Catching up with Casey Dellacqua


Catching up with Casey Dellacqua

Australian wildcard Casey Dellacqua practised on Wednesday at the Apia International Sydney to get ready for her 2013 debut. She spoke to about how her New Years went, her favorite moment of 2012 and more.

Apia International Sydney: Tell us about your New Year’s Eve.
Casey Dellacqua: We were at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre until about 7pm practicing. I was watching some tennis on the TV and didn’t even see the New Year in; I was asleep before midnight! I woke up and it was 2013.

AIS: If you could have a special New Year’s Eve, what would it be?
CD: I think I would enjoy going out with my family and friends and having a really nice dinner or even just hanging out at home with them or watching some fireworks and seeing the new year in. But, as a tennis player, this is always the most important time of the year so I think I’ve gotten used to just not having a new year as a big occasion.

AIS: What’s your new year’s resolution for 2013?
CD: I don’t really have one. I’m one of those people that if you want to do something, then why not do it today or tomorrow instead of waiting for the New Year. I’m just a doer. So, no resolution for me.

AIS: What about your goals for tennis in 2013?
CD: I’d like to finish the year Top 70. I’ve got some really good gains to make. I would like to step it up and get my ranking up a little higher. But the main thing for me is just to stay healthy after having a couple of rough years with injuries. As long as I’m healthy and enjoying it, the results will come.

AIS: How is your foot?
CD: It’s going well. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to start my season like I would have liked to at the Hopman Cup in Perth. But it’s nice to be here in Sydney because I live here now and it’s home. It’s nice to be out here. It’s an extremely strong field so no matter who I draw it’s going to be a tough match. But it’s the perfect preparation for the Australian Open because all the best are there. So why not start off the year with tough matches?

AIS: So you’re a Perth native but you live in Sydney now. What’s your preference between the two cities?
CD: Well… yeah. I don’t know. I really, really enjoy Sydney. I live in Maoubra [just southeast of Sydney] and I’ve been there for a few years now. I love the beach. So, I think the Perth beaches might tick it over to be better. But the Sydney beaches are amazing. For me, I guess I have two homes now.

AIS: Speaking of the beach, what sort of routine do you like to have when you’re there? Are you more of a lying-in-the-sun gal or do you want to swim and surf all day?
CD: A bit of both I think. I like to get in the water and then get out, tan for a bit and then go back in and splash around. I’m not a surfer. I tried surfing, but it was too much concentrating in the water for me… too much hard work for me. I’d rather be on the sand reading my book during my relaxation time. It’s the one thing I love: a day at the beach.

AIS: What about in 2012, what moment sticks out the most for you?
CD: I’d have to say the Olympics. We stayed at the Olympic Village in London and drove out to Wimbledon every day. Sam [Stosur] and I had a great time at the Olympics as roommates just laughing and hanging out. It was nice to just have a roomie and have a week away from the tennis and the cycle of the tour. I loved the opening ceremony. That was the highlight of the year for me. It was a goal for me to make the Olympics and walking out into the stadium representing Australia and being a part of a team was something really special.

AIS: What pump-up music are you listening to before matches to get you ready?
CD: Well I’m definitely not listening to “Gangnam Style.” [Laughing.] I love top 40 stuff and whenever I’m down I’ll crank up some ‘80s hits. I have an ‘80s playlist on my iPod that I’ll listen to cheer me up. A bit of pop, but mostly ‘80s and R&B.

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