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Sitting down with Casey and Ash

Casey Dellacqua and Ash Barty advanced to the US Open doubles final Thursday in New York, their third Grand Slam final of the year. Apia International Sydney caught up with them at Wimbledon to quiz them on – who else? – each other.

On Sunday, Dellacqua and Barty will play in the US Open final after making the doubles final at both the Australian Open and Wimbledon. They’ll be looking for their second-ever career title together.

Sydney Tennis: So we have a little quiz for you today – it’s about one another and your careers and personalities, so we’ll ask you little tidbits about the other person to see if you can answer, OK?
Casey Dellacqua: Uh oh.
Ash Barty: This is making me nervous.

Sydney Tennis: We promise it won’t be too hard. OK, so can you name each other’s birthdays?
Barty: I know this! Ahhhhh…. [Smiling.]
Dellacqua: I think Ashleigh’s is April 26… Oh now I’ve got to use my brain to do math… 1995?
Barty: Oh you’re wrong! April 24, 1995. OK, I give up. What’s yours?
Dellacqua: 11th of Feb, 1985.

Sydney Tennis: Ashleigh, when did Casey turn pro?
Barty: What year were you born?
Dellacqua: 1985.
Barty: ’85? Oh wow. [Laughing.] OK, then I’d say 1999?
Dellacqua: Nope, 2002. I was 17 or 18.

Sydney Tennis: So far you’re striking out. OK, Casey, what is Ashleigh’s current ranking [as of Wimbledon]?
Dellacqua: No. 155?
Barty: No, that’s not it. But I know mine… it’s 169.
Sydney Tennis: Yep, you got it! So what’s Casey’s?
Dellacqua: I have no idea myself! [Laughing.]
Barty: No. 143?
Sydney Tennis: That’s right!
Dellacqua: That was such a fluke! [Laughing.]

Sydney Tennis: Ash, what’s Casey’s favourite movie?
Dellacqua: Oh geez this answer is so old…
Barty: Dirty Dancing!
Dellacqua: That’s right! I told you that in the car the other day, good memory!

Sydney Tennis: Can you name each other’s favourite AFL teams?
Dellacqua: Ash’s are the Richmond Tigers.
Barty: Unfortunately she supports the [Carlton] Blues. [Rolling her eyes.]

Sydney Tennis: What about something more personal. Casey, what are Ashleigh’s two sisters’ names?
Dellacqua: Sara and Ali! We know the personal questions more than the tennis ones. [Laughing.]

Sydney Tennis: Ahsleigh, what is Casey’s favourite country to visit on tour?
Barty: Japan. Easy.

Sydney Tennis: Casey, what is Ashleigh’s first WTA tournament?
Dellacqua: Oh.
Barty: I know this one.
Dellacqua: Brisbane? Australian Open?
Barty: No, Hobart, when I lost to Bethanie [Mattek-Sands].
Dellacqua: So we don’t know the tennis stuff!

Sydney Tennis: Ashleigh, what was Casey’s first WTA tournament?
Dellacqua: Oh god I wouldn’t even know what that is. Honestly.
Barty: So ’02?
Sydney Tennis: ’03.
Barty: I’m going to say the Australian Open, just guessing.

Sydney Tennis: That’s right! Casey, do you remember who you played?
Dellacqua: I don’t know, but I lost in three sets.
Sydney Tennis: Maja Matevzic.

Sydney Tennis: Ash, how many doubles titles has Casey won in her career?
Barty: Two.

Sydney Tennis: Right! And with whom did she win her first?
Dellacqua: She won earlier this year in Pattaya City with Kimiko [Date-Krumm].
Barty: How many have I won, Case?
Dellacqua: One! With me.

Sydney Tennis: Casey, at which tournament did Ash make the quarterfinals in singles in earlier this year?
Dellacqua: Kuala Lumpur.
Barty: Yep.

Sydney Tennis: Let’s try a team effort here. Can you two team up to name the six pairs you beat en route to the Australian Open final?
Barty: Hercog and Schiavone, then it was Raymond and Kirilenko, then Grandin and Uhlirova.
Dellacqua: Then we beat Pavlyuchenko and Safarova.
Barty: Then Lepchenko and Zheng and Vinci and Errani. Nailed it!

Sydney Tennis: OK, finally, who did Ash beat in the first round of the French Open this year?
Dellacqua: Lucie Hradecka.

Dellacqua: I think we did pretty well, right?
Barty: Yes, for sure.

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