Casey begins her off season

Casey is trained by Giselle Martin from Tennis Fitness. Giselle gives an insight in to what Casey will be getting up to in the off season and shares a few videos and photos of Casey in action!

Written by Giselle Martin

Casey’s off season training has already started! Wow it has been great so far!

Seeing she had such a great year, she was able to finish up earlier than normal from playing tournaments… She rested her body for a few weeks and now she is back into her off court training.

No tennis for a while, she is putting down the racquet and concentrating on getting fitter and stronger.

This is a smart move, and where a lot of players get it wrong. Not enough time away from playing and unloading the movement patterns associated with regular play.

The start of her pre-season training will consist of some cross training; running, swimming, stairs, hills, boxing, mixed martial arts, board paddling and cycling.

Remembering it can be a long year and some of the professional tennis players can be training and playing tennis for 48 weeks a year.

It is important to mix it up with different types of training as this is a great way to keep the players motivated.

Variety is the key, not only to rest some of those overworked muscles, but to add some fun back into training.

See what Casey has been up to below.