Casey’s blog - on the sidelines

Hi everyone,

As I sit here now, crutches by my side and open-toed boot on my right foot, it is my frustrating duty to report that I won’t be playing tennis for anywhere between six or nine months.

So, what happened?

Where do I start!

In the last year or so I have had issues with my shoulder and foot and been working my way through those, but this latest injury is something different altogether and actually relates to some issues and pain I had in this part of my foot way back in 2007.

When I was playing in Miami in March looking to really step up my comeback, I was still having problems with my foot and the expert medical opinion was that I had some stress fractures.

I tailored my training around them with a view to helping them heal but nothing seemed to work and try as I might at Wimbledon I really just couldn’t get going.

After Wimbledon I was back in Perth and as I was just out going for a run and it felt even worse.

My specialist Dr Kim Slater basically said the only way to fix the problem is to remove the bone. For those who know the medical terms, the bone is the lateral sesamoid in my right foot.

So last week I went to hospital in Sydney and had the surgery. Hence the crutches.

Now the rehab work begins. Sadly it is going to be a long recovery. But I am really determined to get my body totally right before I come back this time. I will be fine, but I am not going to rush it. I just want to get it right. That could mean six months or it could even mean nine months (as much as it kills me being off court!)

Anyway, it is not the end of the world, a lot of people have to deal with a lot worse. But I just wanted to let you know what I am up to and that I am more determined than ever to get back, fit, healthy and playing well.

It has been a couple of weeks now since the surgery and I’ve been back to see Dr Slater and the foot is healing well. So far, so good.

In the meantime I will be watching the results from all the Aussies around the world and quietly cheering them on from afar.

Talk soon,