Dellacqua downed by qualifier Hsieh

Taiwan’s Su-Wei Hsieh has beaten Australia’s Casey Dellacqua in the second round of the WTA Malaysian Open by a scoreline of 6-1 7-5.

Hsieh said she was a little surprised at the ease of her victory as she was suffering from jetlag after arriving in Malaysia from Dubai early Sunday.

“I didn’t have much sleep the last two days and in fact took advantage of the three-hour rain delay to get some much needed rest,” Hsieh said.

“My body still adjusting, and I’m just happy to get to the quarter-finals.”

Dellacqua ranks 107th in the world, while Hsieh is 123rd in world rankings.

Despite the upset loss, the second round finish at the Malaysian Open is likely to help Dellacqua on her way to reclaiming a place within the world’s top 100.