Off the court and on my way back

Hi guys,

Off the court I’ve been doing my scrapbooking. I’m scrapbooking all of my photos and special occasions like the Beijing Olympics and events at home. I’ve also been reading heaps, mostly fiction novels.

I’ve been going back to Perth a bit, I do four weeks in Sydney and then go back to Perth for a week, which breaks things up a little bit and gives me some time at home as well so I can go see my Mum, Dad, brother and sister.

Not playing has been frustrating at times. During the French Open and Wimbledon it was pretty tough to sit back and watch everyone over there playing when I just wanted to be there. But, at the same time, my shoulder’s my priority and the main thing is to get that right. I’m doing what I need to do here to get back to a level where I can be back playing at those Grand Slams.

Photo gallery: off the court and on my way back

Unfortunately I’m not going to be ready for the US Open, so I’m going to play some lower level tournaments later in the year, probably around October. I’d like to get some matches under my belt and some confidence, because I won’t have played for a long time. And then I’ll obviously focus on the Australian Open and the Australian summer.

The first time I play a match I think there will definitely be some nerves because I won’t have played for nine months or so. It will be different and that’s why I want to play a few lower level matches just to get some confidence and some matches. I might also start off playing a bit of doubles first. I’ve got to make sure that my shoulder’s OK.

I’m going to enjoy being competitive again, that’s the biggest thing that I’ve missed from playing tennis. I’ll definitely enjoy the thrill of competing again, I’ve missed that a lot.